Regional Officer Campaign Guidelines

The following are the steps that need to be followed to campaign for Kansas/Nebraska Regional Officer.

Application/Intent to run for Regional Officer is due to the Regional Coordinator by the Friday two weeks before the Kansas/Nebraska Region Convention.

Candidates will declare intention of running for a particular office. If a candidate runs for president, and is not elected in that position, he/she will not be allowed to run for vice president unless there are no candidates in that race. Therefore, a chapter may have candidates for president and vice president, but if a chapter member is elected as president, unless there are no other candidates in that race, the vice presidential candidate will withdraw his/her candidacy.

At the first general session of the Kansas/Nebraska Region Conference, a fellow member must nominate you for candidacy and introduce you to the Kansas Region members. The candidates will not be allowed to make a speech at this time.

It is permissible to have a campaign manager.

It is permissible for you to have a campaign team and a theme for your campaign. The campaign team can consist of no more than five members, in addition to a campaign manager. This official campaign team cannot distribute items (only the candidate and campaign manager can distribute items), but can actively support your campaign by wearing any type of theme-based costumes, t-shirts or buttons and through discussions with other members.

All candidates must attend the political rally on Friday evening.

At the political rally, you may use an easel to display your poster (please bring one with you). The poster must be standard size and may be any color and include any color. You may include any information pertinent to your candidacy.

During the political rally, you must stay close to the spot designated for you, so as not to impinge on the rights of other candidates.

At the political rally, you and your campaign manager may offer one distributable item to the members only. You and your campaign manager must hand out this item only in front of your designated spot. The distributable item must be a photocopied sheet of standard size paper (8 ½” x 11”) of any color with black ink only. You may use the back and front, and fold in any manner. You may include information pertinent to your candidacy. You may not distribute your photocopies at any other time during the weekend. You should have approximately 100 copies. No other items can be handed out other than the brochure – NO candy, pins, etc.

During the Saturday morning session of the Kansas/Nebraska Region Convention, candidates will have three minutes to speak to the members. You will not be allowed to go over your allotted time. You will speak on the current year’s honors study topic. Please do not use this speech to inform the membership of your personal qualifications; that is the purpose of the political rally. This purpose is for the membership to gauge your public speaking skills and familiarity with the honors topic.

In addition to a three-minute speech, each candidate will answer one question submitted by advisors (not to exceed one minute). Questions submitted by the region’s advisors, will be shared with the candidates.

Following the speeches, candidates will have opportunity to meet with members during break.

Voting will occur during the lunch hour. Ballots will require the chapter name and school. Ballots will have all races on them with the names of the candidates.

Any ties or other issues such as dealing with races that do not have candidates will be addressed during the Business Meeting after lunch.

The new Kansas/Nebraska Region Officers will be announced and inducted after the Hallmark Awards are presented on Saturday evening.

If elected, you must attend a meeting with the Regional Coordinator on Sunday morning after the Kansas/Nebraska Region Convention.

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